On Hastain Trail


May 29, 2021

Our Office was recently made aware of what is taking place along Hastain Trail in Franklin Canyon Park. Closure of any right-of-way in public parkland will not be tolerated. We have reached out to the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA), the public agency that manages Franklin Canyon Park, to follow up on this issue and see how we can best work together to address what is happening in Franklin Canyon Park. We are working to have the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) Code Violation Unit, the city department responsible for issuing construction permits, inspections, code enforcement, and land use regulations within the City of Los Angeles, investigate potential unpermitted construction activity and code violations. 

We will continue to partner with LADBS to enforce city regulations and take immediate action should unpermitted construction be occurring or if fencing is blocking off any public access outside of Mr. Hadid's property line.

Additionally, we are urging Los Angeles City Planning to quickly implement the amendments to the Hillside Construction Regulation for expansion of these regulations to Bowmont-Hazen, Coldwater Canyon, and Franklin Canyon, and for new developments planned by Mr. Hadid in these communities, who has repeatedly shown bad faith in complying with building permits issued by the City of Los Angeles.

Specific to hillside communities, our Office strongly supports not increasing housing capacity in these sensitive areas and is hoping to work with community stakeholders, the Planning Department, and other council offices to prioritize the following: 

  • Strengthen existing and future regulations for hillside protection, such as addressing gaps in the current Baseline Hillside Ordinance, expanding the Hillside Construction Regulation (HCR) District’s coverage, enhancing wildlife corridor conservation and ridgeline protections, and other measures that address out-of-scale development, excessive grading, hazard mitigation, hauling, and construction activity
  • Support policies for open space preservation and opportunities for rezoning city-owned surplus land in hillside areas for open space
  • Stronger safety regulations, especially in high risk fire hazard and earthquake areas
  • Directing growth away from hillside areas through the proposed Housing Element, Community Plans, and Safety Element updates

Additionally, Councilmember Raman supports strong ridgeline protections (for which LA City Planning is holding a public hearing on June 17 at 1 pm) and wildlife habitat protections (for which LA City Planning is hosting a public workshop on June 10 at 6 pm), and the Office recently shared its hillside priority agenda as part of the City's budget process