Since Councilmember Raman took office in December of 2020 we have: 

  Brought over ⅓ of our unhoused residents indoors:
    •    250+ people moved into interim shelter
    •    134 people moved into permanent housing



There is only one proven way to end homelessness - and that is through the effective provision of services and housing. But our system in Los Angeles does not do that. That's why we have invested in a team that ensures that the system works for our district. We have built the largest team in any Los Angeles City Council office to do this work.

The Homelessness Team conducts outreach, coordinates with city departments, and engages with unhoused and housed constituents on all issues related to homelessness. We strive to help every individual and family experiencing homelessness on our district’s streets get into housing and care. This approach ensures that City of Los Angeles resources go toward solutions that meaningfully address homelessness, while making neighborhoods in CD4 safer and healthier for all.


The CD4 Homelessness Team uses an engagement and services-led strategy, connecting unhoused Angelenos with case managers to access available resources to get folks off the street and into housing.

We do this by conducting daily surveying and outreach all over the district. We bring services to the unhoused by providing a wide variety of services available at our monthly Neighborhood Support Days. We engage in a community effort to address homelessness by providing volunteer opportunities for anyone looking to get involved.

By uniting communities to meet each individual or family's specific needs, we’ve been able to help hundreds of people in our district move into comfortable, high-quality shelter, health treatment, and permanent housing.


Homelessness Deputies
Our Homelessness Deputies are in-house staff dedicated full-time to addressing homelessness issues. These Deputies coordinate new shelter, housing, and services projects in the district, engage with constituents, and manage day-to-day outreach and sanitation operations.

Ventura Team
The Ventura Team is a two-person outreach unit within the CD4 staff, providing daily engagement to unhoused individuals and responding to issues related to homelessness in all of our Valley neighborhoods.

LACC Team 
Our LA Conservation Corps team is contracted to supplement LASAN services. They work to keep our district clean and sanitary by engaging in spot cleans of areas around encampments across the district.

Case Management Teams
Our office contracts with three different teams providing outreach, services, and client-focused case management in different parts of our district.

Case Management Teams

NoHo Home Alliance Logo
NoHo Home Alliance

NoHo Home Alliance

provides two case managers and a program manager for our Valley neighborhoods.

Ascencia Logo


provides three case managers serving Hollywood and Los Feliz.

The People Concern Logo
The People Concern

The People Concern

operates our Multi-Disciplinary Team, offering specialized case management, mental health, and substance use treatment services for Hollywood and Los Feliz.

CD4-Led Initiatives

Project Roomkey

In 2021, our office conducted outreach to hotels across the district and partnered in creating a temporary, non-congregate shelter facility with capacity for more than 100 people experiencing homelessness on their way into permanent housing.

Hollywood Encampment to Home (2022)

In cooperation with The People Concern, our office created a program to help 40 individuals from large encampments in Hollywood achieve case management, treatment, high-quality shelter, and finally permanent housing.

Fruitland Encampment to Home (2022)

After a large encampment on County land was forced to move across the street onto land recently redistricted into Council District 4, our office worked with LAHSA, LA Family Housing, and NoHo Home Alliance to help all remaining residents get indoors.

The River Project (coming in late 2022)

Thanks to grant funding from Governor Gavin Newsom’s office, our team was awarded funds to design and implement a large-scale housing effort for 60+ individuals living in and around the LA River in Council District 4 – a traditionally underserved area and one of the most difficult for outreach workers to access.

Vehicular Outreach Program (coming in late 2022)

We’re contracting with Saint Joseph’s Center for an RV outreach and housing pilot program that will focus case management and resources to RV corridors in CD4 with the goal of getting RVs and oversized vehicles off residential streets and bring people living in vehicles indoors.

How You Can Help

  • Sign up for the CD4 Volunteer Corps to be alerted to opportunities to help out at our Neighborhood Support Days and other district-wide events (link)
  • To request services for an individual experiencing homelessness, fill out an LA-HOP request form (link)

For any issues related to homelessness in Council District 4, contact Senior Homelessness Deputy Sarah Tanberg (sarah.tanberg@lacity.org) and Homelessness Deputy Josh Scarcella (josh.scarcella@lacity.org)