A Motion To Support Street Vendors

LA’s street vendors are our city’s original micro-entrepreneurs, adding vibrancy to our streets and building wealth in immigrant communities, but our convoluted health code and permitting process is subjecting them to fines, harassment, and worse.

After finally legalizing street vending in 2018, LA set up a new system for permits -- and a moratorium on enforcement until vendors could obtain them  — but when COVID-19 hit, LA halted its moratorium -- even though less than 1 percent of vendors had been permitted.

Forced to choose between their income and the risk of citation, arrest, and even deportation, LA’s predominantly Latinx vendors have faced needless hardship.

Even as LA has expanded outdoor dining for restaurants, entirely-outdoor street vending operations have remained illegal.

Today, in partnership with Councilmember Price Jr, and with support from Inclusive Action, we’re introducing a motion on behalf of LA’s street vendors.

It reestablishes the moratorium on enforcement of unpermitted vendors, allowing time for a just permitting system to be established.

Thank you to Councilmember Cedillo for your second, Rudy Espinoza and Public Counsel⁩ for your guidance, and Janette Villafana and Jack Ross for your dogged reporting.

This is the first step in doing right by LA’s vendors and we’ll be keeping you updated as it makes its way through Council.