Our Approach to Homelessness: How You Can Help

April 21, 2021

Dear Friend, 

Thank you for your interest in supporting our Council Office’s efforts to end homelessness. We need all hands on deck! Here are some ways you can help:

Lease Up:

CD4 is partnering with PATH to help expand their LeaseUp program, which connects thousands of case workers throughout LA County with rental owners and managers to fill vacancies and help people who are experiencing homelessness get housed. Join our Volunteer Corps effort to call apartment owners and managers across CD4 with the goal of getting more units into the LeaseUp system and let us know you’d like to sign up for the next phone bank! Also, if you are a landlord who’s interested in participating, or you know one who might be, let us know! 

Properties, Properties, Properties:

When it comes to helping our unhoused neighbors, land is a key piece of the puzzle. Identifying underutilized land and properties in our district can help to serve a spectrum of needs. Help us find these properties and if you are a landowner who is interested (or know of one who might be) please let us know!

  • Creating permanent supportive and affordable housing for tomorrow: Our team is diligently searching for private and city-owned properties that can be potentially matched with permanent supportive or affordable housing providers. If you are a permanent supportive or affordable housing provider interested in sites within our district, or know of one, please let us know! 
  • Innovating solutions for temporary housing today.We are calling for hotel and motel owners to opt in to Project Roomkey and Project Homekey, programs that are master leasing or purchasing entire hotels for use as homeless housing. We are also seeking underutilized empty lots or parking lots that can be leased to the City in the short-term (months) and long term (up to a year) as an interim way to get people out of the most dire and unsafe conditions on city streets and into service-rich options like Safe Camping and Safe Parking as we work to maximize affordable housing stock. 
  • Access to care and services: Drop-In centers offering showers, storage, and individual casework are one way that we can help unhoused people form relationships with service providers and get on a path to stable housing. We’re seeking spaces to locate Drop-In Centers that will allow people experiencing homelessness to access these critical services.

Please send your referrals and/or express your direct interest in supporting the above initiatives to: Jeremy Tramer, our District Projects Manager, at jeremy.tramer@lacity.org

Help Angelenos Stay Housed: This crisis cannot improve if we have as many, or more, people falling into homelessness as we do getting housed. Longtime tenants of rent-stabilized apartments are often targeted and harassed by landlords hoping to get them to move out and thereby be able to raise rents to market rate, exacerbating our homelessness crisis even further

Los Angeles is considering a new ordinance protecting tenants against harassment, as well as a set of amendments our office proposed to ensure that the law reflects the many forms of harassment that we regularly hear about from tenants and tenants groups. The draft ordinance, and our amendments, will come before the City Council soon — our office will release updates when that happens and share how you can make your voices heard on behalf of tenants.

In the meantime, there are many organizations working on the ground to advocate for tenants in Los Angeles. We recommend checking out LA Tenants’ Union, Stay Housed LA, Coalition for Economic Survival, ACCE, Housing Is A Human Right, and SAJE to see how you can take action on behalf of tenants. 

Get Active: Get to know your neighbors, and support community efforts. 

  • Volunteer with a local mutual aid group, community organization, or service provider — especially one that also organizes on an advocacy level. Find a non-comprehensive list of LA-based orgs here.
  • Participate in your Neighborhood Council, and help to to be an advocate for the unhoused residents in your neighborhood. Your Neighborhood Council likely has a housing and homelessness committee that you can get involved in!
  • Are you a community leader or connected to a community or faith-based organization? Please help us spread the word about these initiatives among your network. Share this email, announce it at your monthly meeting, tell a friend. 

Thank you for your interest and willingness to lend a hand. We look forward to continuing to share more opportunities and ways to lift our city up, together.