Standing Against Anti-Asian Violence

Flowers + Sky

Our hearts are heavy from the loss of our Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) sisters in Atlanta. They remind us of the mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends we see in our own community, all of whom are under a similar escalating threat of racist and xenophobic attacks. 

Nearly 3,800 hate incidents against our AAPI neighbors have been reported over the past year — the majority of them against women, and more than a third occurring at businesses. The victims in Atlanta are a stark example of the compounded vulnerability faced by women, low-wage workers, and immigrants to the already-heightened bigotry faced by the AAPI community across our country. 

To our AAPI family in Los Angeles, we are thinking of you, we mourn with you, and we are committed to showing up alongside you in whatever way you see fit. We believe it is imperative to actively speak up, intervene, and fight against both the casual bigotry we witness in the course of daily life and the deep, structural inequalities within our existing legal and economic systems. 

Los Angeles is a city that is dear to my heart because it has always welcomed me, as an Asian American, a woman, and an immigrant, with open arms. There is no place for this hatred in our city and I will do everything within my power to ensure LA remains the welcoming and safe place I know it to be.